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Product Description

208 Reviews
  • Doctor formulated to be the #1 most effective and safest dog joint supplement
  • Eliminates painful joint inflammation and promotes healthy tissue, allowing your pet to enjoy life the way nature intended
  • Optimal combination of clinically- proven ingredients.
  • The Only Dog Joint Supplement to harness nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory Organic Turmeric Curcumin +Glucosamine Chondroitin to rebuild healthy joint tissue + MSM to naturally alleviate pain.
  • Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility. NO harmful additives or artificial ingredients.

Want to Save Your Best Friend From Suffering With Joint Disease?

Studies found that in their lifespan 9 out of 10 dogs will have osteoarthritis in at least one joint

But what is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis or Degenerative joint disease as it is also called is characterized by the loss of the smooth cartilage that covers and protects the end of the bones in a movable joint. The cartilage has no nerves so when it touches the cartilage of another bone, there is no pain. When the cartilage wears away, the bone is exposed. The bone does have nerves so when the two bone ends in a joint touch each other it results in pain and inflammation- signals that arthritis is present. In later stages of osteoarthritiswe also see small bony projections (osteophytes) form on the bone that is close to the joint. This can cause excruciating pain for a dog. This type of arthritis is also progressive, meaning it continues to worsen over time.

Why is it so common?

Top 7 Causes of Osteoarthritis in Dogs

1. Malformation of the joint- Irresponsible breeding practices have contributed to an unusually high percentage of dogs born with misshaped bones, which cause the joints to damage surrounding cartilage.

2. Poor diet- Your dog’s ancestors ate only raw unprocessed foods. Today’s pets usually eat a highly processed diet that is high in convenience but low in nutritious value. So while they may not complain about the ease with which their meal is served to them, the long term effect of these new inflammatory foods does lead to complaining in the form of joint pain and discomfort.

3. Acute injuries- Remember that time your dog slipped in pursuit of a ball? Or that particularly rough wrestling match with that larger dog in the dog park? Probably not. But your dog’s joints do. These minor injuries add up over time and cause deterioration of healthy cartilage.

4. Age- Let’s face it. We don’t feel the same as we did when we were 18. Just like in humans, dogs have wear and tear on the joints that accumulates over the years. Senior dogs are the ones most severely affected by joint disease.

5. Overweight puppies- Who doesn’t love a cute chubby puppy? Yes, this was the time that your pet was the absolute cutest and it was difficult to resist feeding them and giving them treats. However, during this period their joints and connective tissue were extremely fragile so excessive weight could have put too much pressure on this sensitive tissue and planted the seed for future joint problems.

6. Autoimmune disorder- Autoimmune disorder is a disease in which the body's immune system has become hyper-defensive, attacking the cells, organs, and tissues of its own body as if they are diseases that need to be destroyed. The soft tissue around a dog’s joints are especially common targets for these cellular attacks, becoming inflamed and eventually breaking down the healthy tissue. These autoimmune disorders have become more common along with the rapid rise in the amount of vaccinations that our dogs are given.

7. Improper exercise patterns- Dogs naturally know how to build up strong muscles and connective tissue. Long walks, runs, and periods of play are necessary to build resilient joints. However, since our dogs live with us, and not in packs outdoors, they are at our mercy when it comes to their exercise. Oftentimes, they spend too much time on the couch, followed by an excessively long walk or play session, when we have the time. This inconsistent exercise pattern is unnatural for your dog and can actually cause damage to the joints (think about if you were to not exercise all week and then spend 2 hours doing sprints outdoors).

How can you know if your dog has joint disease?

Remember: The damage of joint cartilage itself is not painful so dogs will not feel pain until the disease is already in the later stages. Therefore, it is always best to be proactive and take preventative measures.

Your dog also can’t tell you that they are in pain so watch for these Symptoms of Advanced Osteoarthritis:

-Reluctance to climb stairs or difficulty jumping up
- Difficulty or hesitation to get up or sit down
- Stiffness in the morning that improves as the day progresses
- Lameness in one or more limbs
- Subtle signs that the pet may not want to put weight on the limb
- Sensitivity when touched in certain areas
- Abnormal behaviors in dog such as withdrawal, irritability or aggression
- Licking or chewing at the painful joint
- Reluctance to rise or difficulty rising
- Pain when handled

How will Infinite’s Natural Hip & Joint Supplementsave your dog’s joints?

Infinite’s one of a kind formula was created by joint and nutrition expert Dr. Ian Stern CCN. Thousands of hours of research went into finding the optimal combination of safe and effective ingredients. Dr. Stern blended ingredients that have not only been staples in alternative medicine, but also have the clinical data to prove that they work. The synergistic effect that occurs when these four ingredients are taken in this precise dosage is exponentially greater than the sum of each one individually.

Here is what happens when you feed your pup his daily dose of Infinite Hip & Joint Supplement.

The ancient healing power of Organic TurmericCurcumin (used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years) will ease painful inflammation around the joint allowing your dog to feel more mobile. Numerous clinical studies have proven the anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effect of Turmeric.

At the same time, the proven combination of Glucosamine Chondroitin (used to help human arthritis cases for over 20 years) will help rebuild healthy cartilage tissue and retain joint flexibility.

Finally, MSM works as a natural pain reliever, and as an antioxidant to maintain healthy cells. For those unfamiliar with what MSM is, it is an organic sulfur containing compound well known for its joint health benefits. It is also one of the least toxic compounds in biology (similar in toxicity to pure water).

After several weeks of daily use this proven combination of ingredients will allow your pet to feel young again…no matter their age.

So what is it that makes Infinite Hip & Joint Supplement so much better than any other dog joint supplement?

-Organic Turmeric Curcumin- Most dog supplement companies don’t think it is “worth it” to use expensive human grade ingredients. Not us. We are willing to cut profits if it means better results for your dog. Along with the rest of our premium ingredients, is Organic Turmeric, which we are the first and only dog supplement to offer. Sure, it’s expensive but it is also the best natural anti-inflammatory available and we believe that your pet DESERVES the best.

-Unmatched purity- We are not just the owners. We are our number one customers. Our philosophy is if we wouldn’t feed it to our children we will NEVER put it in our supplements.Because our pets ARE our children. That is why when you look at our ingredients you won’t see the dangerous fillers, chemicals, and additives that you find in other brands.

-Dr. Formulated and Clinically Proven- Supplement manufacturers often lack any medical knowledge. On the other hand, Dr. Ian Stern CCN has 20+ years of clinical expertise in the field of nutrition.Using his extensive experience along with the most cutting edge research available he constructed this optimal blend of ingredients. Each one was purposefully selected to serve a unique role in restoring proper joint health.

- A guarantee like no other - We are so certain that your dog will feel better that we guarantee your purchase 100%. No gimmicks. You don’t even have to send the bottle back.

Do you have any other questions?

Here are some answers to common ones

Q: How soon can I expect to see results in my dog?

A: Results vary based on the current condition of your dog’s joints and their overall health but they will feel better within a day or two of starting, and many of our customers report seeing a drastic improvement in their pets in is as littleas 1-2 weeks of daily use.

Q: How is Infinite different from other joint supplements?

A: Here at Infinite, we pride ourselves on our tireless dedication to providing an unmatched product. Our Joint formula is the only one on the market to include Organic Turmeric Curcumin, nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory herb. In fact, every ingredient is of the highest possible quality. We found this combination of ingredients to be the safest and most effective through years of testing and research. Additionally, we believe in keeping out anything that we wouldn’t take ourselves. Therefore there are no dangerous additives or fillers that are so common in other dog supplements.

Not 100% Convinced?

Q: There is NO RISK to buy

A: I am so certain that this is the best Dog JointSupplement on the market with the best formulation that if you feed it to your dog and don’t see the results you’d like in 60 days, I will give you a full refund and let you keep the bottle and everything left in it.

Q: Why would I make such an offer?

A: Simply put: My mission and the sole reason that I started Ethical Health Supplements was to help people lead healthier and happier lives. I believe that this product will help you do just that, and I know once you give it a try, you will believe it too. If for some reason you don’t absolutely love it, I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked...so order today with zero risk!

“Read what other dog owners like you had to say about their decision to try Infinite for their pets”

(recent unbiased reviews)

Wish i had something to work as well on me!
By Zhezahn on January 5, 2017

This product worked so well for my dogs I am tempted to try it on myself! Good stuff!


Would definitely recommed this to anyone who has dogs
By Amazon Customer on January 1, 2017

his has made such a huge difference in both my Gs who has hip issues, and my Lab who had tom ACL's on both hind legs. Even after the surgery she still hurt. Not any more!!! Would definitely recommened this to anyone who has dogs


Great results!
By tom on December 31, 2016

This product works. I have an 11 year old who had a difficult even getting up. After 3 monts of use she moves like she's a pup. Noticable results in just one week, thankyou Infinite!


Fantastic product
By Christy Kuhn on December 30, 2016

it has helped my rottweiler mix tremendously with his hip pain.



These are wonderful.
By Choadie on December 22, 2016

I love this stuff! My dog eats this pill like it's candy and he NEVER takes pills without a chicken or cheese wrap! he is walking better, tail up, more energy. I didn't tell anyone I started him on them and everyone is noticing how much better hrs walking and moving. I'm sold.



I love this product
By emily on December 18,2016

I have a ten year old Papillion that has stopped playing and just laid on the couch all day. I bought this product to help with her hips, little did I know it would improve her quality of life so dramatically. She is such a different little dog , she plays with her tow year old brother and love to chase rabbits. I give her a pill as if it were a treat and she gets so excited. Her brother doesn't like them but he doesn't want to miss out so he submits and takes his as well. I bought this product because of the ingredients and I'll continue to purchase it because of the enjoyment it brings to a once sad little pup.


It has been wonderful to see my dog run again on all 4...
By Carrie J.Hatton on December 18,2016

It has been wonderful to see my dog run again on all 4 legs and to jump on to my lap without fear that she will not make it.


She is a puppy again!
By Morgan M. on December 12,2016

I have an 8 yr old pit mix starting to show signs of hip displaysia(sp?) And general arthritis. I put her on this supplement about a week ago and she is more energetic than I have seen her in years. She also has no problems now jumping up on our very tall bed. Before she was very reluctant to jump up and did a preparation dance to get up, but no more. I will definitely be keeping her on this supplement and recommending it to others. So glad I found this, my baby girl seems so much happier and that means everything to me!


After two rounds of Veptrofen and she still had the same problem and seemed to be getting worse,. I decided to try this product
By graff on December 12,2016

I have a Australlian Shepherd/Pit-bull. She started limping on one of her hind legs at age 9 months. The vet examined her legs, hips, spine and x-rayed everything and could not find anything wrong. He sent her x-rays to a specialist and she said it could be a deep tissue bruise or growing pains. She was on Vetprofen and it seemed to help some. She would still limb ossasionally. After meds were finished she would limp more often. After two rounds of Vetprofen and she still had the same problem and seemed to be getting worse,. I decided to try this product. Ever since she started this, she has noy limped once. So glad I found this product.


Keeps my senior dog feeling great!
By Nina R D on November 28,2016

These supplements keep my 9-year pit bull feeling quite frisky and playing like a puppy. Before I began using them, she seemend to be feeling too much pain to eaisly jump up on the bed, but now she agile and happy.